The marathon of Amsterdam

The 21st of October was circled in my agenda for some time, the day I’d attempt to run the half marathon of Amsterdam! The preparation Training had begun about half April, with the aim of running the 10 kilometres at the marathon of Hoorn, which I ran in just under 51 minutes. After that I […]

Visiting the statenlogement

Last Saturday I was supposed to rest in order to walk the half marathon of Amsterdam that Sunday. So I sat down, read the newspaper and found out that the statenlogement was opened that day for being the national monument of the month. Some history is probably obligatory: It’s a building in the middle of […]

Evolution of RESTful services

If you’re at a presentation and the presentor asks “Who used soap?”, and not all hands go up, you’re probably at a technical presentation. Earlier today some videos of the Symfony Live San Fransisco conference have been released into the wild, so I decided to take a look. One of the videos listed was about how to design […]

Hello world

There have been a lot of hello worlds in my life, but this is the first one I’m writing on a blog. The idea of blogging has been in my mind for some time now, so tonight I went ahead and set it all up. Since this is a personal blog, I guess a short introduction […]