The marathon of Amsterdam

The 21st of October was circled in my agenda for some time, the day I’d attempt to run the half marathon of Amsterdam!

The preparation

Training had begun about half April, with the aim of running the 10 kilometres at the marathon of Hoorn, which I ran in just under 51 minutes. After that I kept training twice a week, a little less in the summer. When the next goal became the half marathon of Amsterdam, I intensified the training. The idea being: keep the same speed for a longer distance.

Two weeks before the big day, my Achilles tendon decided to stop the party. It was the best to stop all training efforts! So I waited a week, tried a small distance the Saturday before, a little more the Monday before and finalized with some relaxed practice that Wednesday. After that I didn’t run any more, even did some local tourism instead! Not once I managed to actually run the whole half marathon.

The race day

My alarm clock sounded at 10:30, I was in the train at 11:29 and at the Olympic stadium of Amsterdam at 12:30. The race was going to start at 13:30, so we had an hour to get the starting numbers, put our bags away safely and find the start. A little more time would have been more relaxing, but this was enough time to make it all happen without rushing.

There were six starting grids, I was allowed to start in the 3th one. Be sure to estimate your time correctly if you consider participating in an event this size, that way you’ll be surrounded with people running at the same speed as you.

During the run I had a lot more space compared to running in Hoorn, hurray for wide streets!

Managed to run the race itself in a reasonable steady pace, so I was happy with that. My end time was 1:48:16. Which is pretty good, since the last kilometres seemed much further then normal kilometres 😉

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