Visiting the statenlogement

Last Saturday I was supposed to rest in order to walk the half marathon of Amsterdam that Sunday. So I sat down, read the newspaper and found out that the statenlogement was opened that day for being the national monument of the month.

Some history is probably obligatory: It’s a building in the middle of the city centre that was originally built in 1385 as a monastery. The oldest part that is still standing was built around 1435 and was a chapel. In the late 16th century the building became first the sleeping place, and after some construction works also the meeting place, of the Gecommitteerde Raden. Translating that to English would make no sense, but it was basically a meeting point for members from the important cities in the region. The front of the building still reminds of that time, since you can see the applicable city arms.

The story does not end there yet, in 1796 it becomes the city hall and houses the police. In 1850 it even houses a court, though only for a (relative) short 27 years. After that it housed something comparable to the chamber of commerce, and since 2010 you can get married in the “Scheepenkamer” (the main hall).

Being inside was very nice. It’s very spacious considering it’s in the middle of the city centre. Seeing  the level of detail in especially the main hall was very impressive. There is a nice painting there, but the frame is all the more impressive. The chandeliers, the ceiling, the walls.. I think it’s time for pictues.

Going there was a lot of fun, so thanks for organizing it.


There is actually a wedding going on at streetview! 🙂

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