PHPBenelux 2013

Last weekend I went to PHPBenelux with three colleagues. It’s a conference just outside of Antwerp of two days, Friday and Saturday. The first half of the Friday was filled with tutorials for some of the attendees, but we only visited the talks. Despite of not seeing the tutorials, I still left my house at […]

London in winter time

Around New Year’s Eve I was visiting London with my girlfriend. The city is tons of fun, and has a lot history. We booked an early flight to Heathrow. Once we got our bags (which was really fast) we took the Picadilly line to Russel Square, where our hotel was at.¬†It felt safer in the […]

Symfony 2 schedule

After I got back from my holiday in London, I was¬†catching up on my RSS feeds. I was happy to see that Fabien has posted an update for the Symfony 2 schedule. At my work, we’re looking for a bit of stability, so having a schema and predictability is good news. In this Symfony 2 […]