London in winter time

Around New Year’s Eve I was visiting London with my girlfriend. The city is tons of fun, and has a lot history.

We booked an early flight to Heathrow. Once we got our bags (which was really fast) we took the Picadilly line to Russel Square, where our hotel was at. It felt safer in the tube knowing Arjen Schwarz was very, very far away.

The first day was mostly walking through the city. We visited the Covent Garden market, which has a really great atmosphere. There were also various real life performers on the square nearby. Since it was Christmas not so long ago, the Christmas tree was still standing, cheers! We ended the day with the obligatory fish & chips.

The next morning we started at Kensington Palace, in which a lot of monarchs lived. After that we went to one of the museums in the city*, the Victoria and Albert museum. It’s in a nice building, and has collections on a lot of areas around the world. Since we were in England, we wanted to see some stuff made in England. We had to look in some corners but then we’d found a little bit of history. The image on the right is of Harrods, which is where you buy stuff when you have too much money to spend.

The next day we saw a lot of awesome animals at the London Zoo. The owl on the right even decided to land on my girlfriend’s head (during a show, this picture was taken later.)

Then the big day had arrived, New Year’s Eve. During the day we visited the oldest Dutch building of the City, the Tower. Where there is a lot of stuff to see, and all of it real and genuine. After a quick dinner we went inside the best viewing area for the fireworks, opposite of the London Eye. We arrived around eight, talk about being early. About 15-30 minutes later it was closed down and no more people were allowed to enter!

It didn’t took that long to wait for the fireworks. There was music and it was all just a big party. The fireworks show was hugely impressive, I don’t want to know how much money went up in the air there. Just for reference, this image is not zoomed in at all! Afterwards we walked back to the hotel.

New Years Day was about feeding squirrels, who like to eat peanuts from your hand, and the new years parade! Which is a parade with music, dancing, donkeys, old trains and we even saw the queen in the end!

The next day we caught up on sleep. When we were awake we went to the British Museum. I had found a list of the 25 most important objects of the museum, so we decided to try to find those, and to stick around if we found a collection interesting. This helped us see the most important stuff, but to not get crazy by the huge amount of objects on display.

The last day we went to see some of the major stuff that we hadn’t seen so far. Buckingham palace, Shakespeare’s Globe, st. Pauls cathedral, .. and some more.

As a sidenote, London is not cheap. The exchange rate was €1,20 to one pound. But effectively you get about the same amount of stuff for one euro as for one pound.

Despite of that, London was awesome, and I got a lot of new memories. Definitely will come back in due time to see all the stuff I’ve missed! Anyway, here are some more images:

* Museums in London are very big, and often free of charge. We had found out just how big the first day, when we went to the British Museum in a leftover hour. We’d only seen two of the seventy-ish rooms when we left!

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