Composer API limit at GitHub

When using Composer for your dependency management, and getting some of those dependencies from GitHub, there is a risk that you run out of Composer API limit at GitHub. Since 14 Oktober 2012 GitHub limits unauthenticated requests. By default Composer does not use authentication, and if you exceed this limit you will be blocked for […]

Try steam on linux

Last Thursday Valve released steam for Linux, which is great news! Since then I’ve been waiting for a chance to try Steam on Linux. My desktop computer however, was not cooperating. It turned out my power supply unit was broken. Since last Monday I have a new PSU, so I was able to try it […]

PHP internals at a high level

Conceptually there are a lot of differences between running a program and writing a web application through PHP. This usually comes up when a programmer has to write their first ajax request. So, lets see how stuff works on the background. A short, high level, tour through PHP internals. How does the web work? Obviously […]

Technical solution to a social problem

Going to PHPBenelux¬†was a lot of fun. I will remember one of the questions at Ben Straub’s presentation. The question was “What if a maintainer of a project suddenly quits?”, and the answer was “We don’t have a technical solution to this social problem yet”. By now we’ve made our own technical solution to a […]