Discovering unknown systems

Discovering unknown systems is something you do from time to time as a programmer. There is something wrong with system X, a system you don’t know, and someone is asking you to fix it. The kind of thing always reminds me of what dilbert calls “the code mocking”. Every programmer thinks in a different way, […]

Introducing js scrumboard

js scrumboard allows you to make a task list and print it out on a sheet of paper. This post is it’s first introduction. It’s open sourced, you can find it on GitHub. The name makes it clear it’s written in JavaScript I guess ;-). Anyway, lets start with a screenshot! A scrum board is usually […]

Early spring sowing with a propagator

This year is the second year that I’m experimenting a little bit with early spring sowing. Basically trying to sow some herbs and vegetables inside so they get a head start for when the temperature goes up. Not as a way to save money, or to be self sustaining, but more because it’s a fun […]

Linux steam fatal error

This weekend I made some time to install some new components into my computer. After running memtest (and succeeding), it was time to boot. Booting into Ubuntu was no problem at all! There was just one problem that I had anticipated: The computer was used to a Nvidia card, and my new one was a […]