Debugging mindset – how to reason during debugging

Debugging is a large part of Software Engineering, and it’s really important to have the right debugging mindset. Debugging itself is a wide subject. It’s something you think everyone knows, but in the real world everyone has to reinvent the wheel themselves. It starts like this: There is a problem with my code, and I […]

Giving realistic estimates

One thing a lot of programmers are excellent at is giving realistic estimates. Especially when asked at the coffee machine, we’re often right on the spot. Well, ok, maybe not so much. Ok, we’re not even close to it most of the time. What to Say When Asked for an Estimate You say “I’ll get […]

Elevator placement at the train station of Hoorn

Next weekend the third and final elevator placement will take place at the central railway station of Hoorn.┬áJust came by the station, and saw that a lot of the preparations have already been done. As you can see at the pictures, the structure of the elevator is already at location. Trains versus elevator placement The […]

Migrating from Google Reader

Three weeks ago Google announced they were powering down Google Reader, which makes migrating from Google Reader unavoidable. Time to find an alternative! After a quick search on google I found the following Google Reader alternatives the most interesting. The Old Reader Feedly The reader Digg is going to build. But, since the Digg alternative […]