Migrating from Google Reader

Three weeks ago Google announced they were powering down Google Reader, which makes migrating from Google Reader unavoidable. Time to find an alternative! After a quick search on google I found the following Google Reader alternatives the most interesting.

But, since the Digg alternative isn’t done any time soon, we only have two competitors remaining.

Is the death of Google Reader not the death of RSS?

Some of the articles about Google Reader shutting down were claiming that RSS is old fashioned, and that it has no use in the modern, social media, world.

Reading RSS feeds is a really quick way to keep up-to-date on what certain websites are posting. Especially tracking which articles I’ve read in one central location is a plus, because of this I never read an article twice. This may seem like a tiny detail, but every time I read my messages on Twitter, or Google+, I have to think about whether I’ve read this stuff already. Don’t make me think.

The other part is that social media wants to be like a stream, but the fact is just that I prefer to read some feeds more then others. So for some feeds I may have a backlog of three weeks of articles, while I read others on a daily basis.

A lot of this could of course change once they make decent clients for the social media networks, but for now I’m looking for a nice alternative for Google Reader.

Migrating from Google Reader to The Old Reader

To import my current feeds into The Old Reader, I had to export my reader data using Google Takeout. I imported it into The Old Reader, and got greeted with this screen.

Migrating from Google Reader: The Old Reader queue

After importing it yesterday it said there were 12525 users ahead of me in the import queue. As of today there are still 12329 users in front of me. So, my attention swapped to Feedly :).

Migrating from Google Reader to Feedly

Migrating from Google Reader to Feedly is easy

  1. Visit Feedly’s website
  2. Install the Firefox or Chrome plugin
  3. Log in with your Google account
  4. All my stuff was imported instantly.

What do I like about Feedly?

  • It’s fast
  • It has the same j/k hotkeys for switching between articles
  • It has a very interesting looking Cards view, which might be very appropriate for some of my feeds, see screen shot below.

Cards view

So, it seems for now Feedly is the winner. I’m going to try it for a couple of weeks.

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