Validation annotations in Symfony2

The Symfony2 form component has a very nice way of validating: using annotations. These validation annotations give you the ability to annotate one or more invariants in the documentation of the properties of your class. These are automatically read and validated! Talking about up-to-date documentation. You can describe invariants like this in your entities: Since […]

Real life debugging

This follow-up of debugging mindset goes into real life debugging. By now you know the perfect debugging mindset: curious, humble and suspicious. Debugging consists of understanding the problem, reproducing it, finding the problem, finding the right place to fix it and to perform some after-care. Understanding the problem The first preparation you want to make […]

Google I/O Extended 2013

Today I went to Google I/O Extended 2013, which¬†is basically where Google does a lot of their announcements. The real event is hosted in San¬†Francisco, this was a meetup where a lot of fellow nerds were watching the video stream. It’s interesting to see the latest technological developments made by Google. Big thanks to the […]

Enable comment moderation shortcuts in WordPress

Today I was looking to enable comment moderation shortcuts for my WordPress blog. Obviously I love good comments, and will approve any that are not obviously spam. Manually clicking every comment takes a lot of time though, and the amount of spam messages have been slowly but steadily rising. At the same time I prefer […]

Merging arrays in PHP

A short story about merging arrays in PHP. When merging two arrays you’ll probably look at array_merge first. These two sentences in the docs say the following: If the input arrays have the same string keys, then the later value for that key will overwrite the previous one. Values in the input array with numeric […]