Enable comment moderation shortcuts in WordPress

Today I was looking to enable comment moderation shortcuts for my WordPress blog. Obviously I love good comments, and will approve any that are not obviously spam. Manually clicking every comment takes a lot of time though, and the amount of spam messages have been slowly but steadily rising. At the same time I prefer to not resort to something like a captcha image, since that would raise the barrier to respond.

Enable comment moderation shortcuts in WordPress

1. Go to your profileTurns out it exists since WordPress 2.7 and is remarkably easy to enable!

  • Log in to the administrator environment
  • Go to “Users” -> “Your profile” as shown on the right.
  • Check the “Keyboard shortcuts” checkbox as shown in the bottom (emphasis mine).

Once you submit that form, and go to the comments section, you can press j or k to go to the previous or next comment, and press a or s to approve or to mark as spam. There are a bunch of other actions as well, just click the “more information” link in the admin panel to see those. I really like this work flow, maybe because it’s similar to my favourite RSS reader.

2. Enable comment moderation shortcuts in wordpress

There is one thing I like about open source software, and that’s the matter of scratch your own itch. Someone had the same problem that I had, and went and build this great thing for it. And now it’s open for the entire world to use. Thanks!

More actions for combating spam

There are obviously more things you can do to combat comments spam in a WordPress blog. You should also check these tips if you have this problem, maybe they will help you even more then this simple thing.

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