Google I/O Extended 2013

Today I went to Google I/O Extended 2013, which is basically where Google does a lot of their announcements. The real event is hosted in San Francisco, this was a meetup where a lot of fellow nerds were watching the video stream. It’s interesting to see the latest technological developments made by Google.

Big thanks to the Dutch Android User Group and the nos for organizing this event!

Interesting bits in the Google I/O Extended 2013 presentation

There were a lot of announcements made continuously, focusing on various Google products: Android, Chrome, Google+, Search and Maps. No new hardware or major Android version announced, but that wasn’t expected.

To keep it short, I’m going to focus on Google+, Google Maps and the talk of Larry Page.


Most notably was the attention to Google+. For the people that think that it’s an attempt to overtake Facebook that has failed, think again. This is not a race, it’s a marathon. This year they’re continuing the marathon, every bit of the keynote had something with Google+ in it;

  • Personalized search results in Google Search.
  • More awesome hangouts and photo sharing in Google+ itself.
  • Personalized maps in Google Maps.

Bit by bit Google+ is showing up in the various Google products. Every placement seems to be well thought out.

Google Maps

Google Map has been redesigned. Two things that stood out for me where the clean user interface, a lot of clutter has been removed. Because of that you can see a lot more of the map itself. Also, it has a zoom effect which really reminded me of Supreme Commander.

If you’re quick you can request early access to the new Google Maps. If you’re less quick, well, maybe they’ve released it into the public already.

Larry Page

After the maps presentation Larry Page came on stage. The only reason the maps team was just before that, was probably to allow him to talk while the impressive image of the earth (with real time clouds) was shown on the screens.

The talk of Larry Page was the most interesting bit of the keynote for me, since it really got into the reasoning and the vision that is the growing factor for all of the features in the background. If you don’t feel like watching all of it, then it could be nice to watch just this part.

So far my first impressions. All in all a nice way to spend an evening 🙂

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