Humble Indie Bundle 8: Awesomenauts

Yesterday I bought the Humble Indie Bundle 8. The game that triggered this was Awesomenauts, it’s a fast paced DOTA game (with a lousy story, of course). Anyway, a video will explain this more clearly.

Playing Awesomenauts feels like playing Fat Princess. The trailer makes it seem a bit shallow, but there are a lot of tactical considerations

  • A ton of different characters to pick from
  • For every character you have to pick which skills will be available for purchase in game. A bit like having a talent tree in World of Warcraft, except you can change it every match.
  • You have a “drill core” in your own base that you have to protect. Unlike your random capture the flag, or Fat Princess, the thing in your base does not recover once it gets hit. So if it gets attacked, you will be there.
  • The real power of the game is probably to play it split screen and online. I’m really curious to see the balance of it all, will certainly give it a try.

Next to that it also has some “meta” stuff going for it

  • It’s available cross-platform. And since Steam is available on Linux now, I was able to add all of these games to my Steam account.
  • It’s made in the Netherlands, so go Romino games!
  • Buying the Humble bundle also supports charity.

Getting the Humble Indie Bundle 8

If you like the game, you can still buy the Humble Indie Bundle 8 for one more week.

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