On problem solving – which problem to solve?

Problem solving is a key aspect of software engineering. There are always multiple solutions. Each solution has strong- and weak points. When discussing which solution is the best, other details pop up. At that point it’s can be very useful to ask the following questions: Is the problem that you’re trying to solve even a problem? Should […]

What kind of device to buy

It’s getting harder and harder to determine what kind of device to buy. A couple of years ago you would have a desktop and/or a laptop. Then netbooks were introduced. Ultrabooks. (Usable) tablets. Hybrids. But a lot of those devices only partially replace this original machine. A picture is worth more than a thousand words […]

Scratching post building

Last year I got a nice present for my birthday: the making of a scratch pole for my cat. Since a year has flown by, it was time to go scratching post building. In case you don’t know my cat yet, her name is Ginny (and you don’t ask a girl her age.)

Replacing my Medion Akoya E1210

One of my computers is a Medion Akoya E1210 netbook, which I bought in 2008. When I bought it, it was brilliant: the first low-cost, low-weight laptop that you could still use to get stuff done. But, time has not been nice on it. It’s meagre atom processor and it’s 1gb of memory are ready […]

Sleeping in a castle

Last week I had the week off, so me and my girlfriend decided to spend one night somewhere special. When we were looking we saw some amazing places that you can stay in, from a lighthouse to a wine barrel. From a plane to a castle. We ended up sleeping in a castle: Kasteel Hattem. […]

New WordPress version released: 3.6

Last monday I decided to upgrade some of the systems that I maintain to their latest version. When doing so I saw that there was a new WordPress version released: 3.6. The release is codenamed Oscar, and it’s now rolled out on this website, and on odetocooking.com as well. As a user, you’ll notice no […]

A thought about translations

A couple of weeks ago I spent a weekend in a rented cottage in Putten. The main reason for heading there was the annual beach pull, a bunch of tuned tractors pulling too much weight. All in all it was a very nice weekend. When we were at the reception I saw the Dutch and […]

Humble Indie Bundle 8: Awesomenauts

Yesterday I bought the Humble Indie Bundle 8. The game that triggered this was Awesomenauts, it’s a fast paced DOTA game (with a lousy story, of course). Anyway, a video will explain this more clearly. Playing Awesomenauts feels like playing Fat Princess. The trailer makes it seem a bit shallow, but there are a lot […]

Google I/O Extended 2013

Today I went to Google I/O Extended 2013, which is basically where Google does a lot of their announcements. The real event is hosted in San Francisco, this was a meetup where a lot of fellow nerds were watching the video stream. It’s interesting to see the latest technological developments made by Google. Big thanks to the […]

Enable comment moderation shortcuts in WordPress

Today I was looking to enable comment moderation shortcuts for my WordPress blog. Obviously I love good comments, and will approve any that are not obviously spam. Manually clicking every comment takes a lot of time though, and the amount of spam messages have been slowly but steadily rising. At the same time I prefer […]