Elevator placement at the train station of Hoorn

Next weekend the third and final elevator placement will take place at the central railway station of Hoorn. Just came by the station, and saw that a lot of the preparations have already been done. As you can see at the pictures, the structure of the elevator is already at location. Trains versus elevator placement The […]

Migrating from Google Reader

Three weeks ago Google announced they were powering down Google Reader, which makes migrating from Google Reader unavoidable. Time to find an alternative! After a quick search on google I found the following Google Reader alternatives the most interesting. The Old Reader Feedly The reader Digg is going to build. But, since the Digg alternative […]

Early spring sowing with a propagator

This year is the second year that I’m experimenting a little bit with early spring sowing. Basically trying to sow some herbs and vegetables inside so they get a head start for when the temperature goes up. Not as a way to save money, or to be self sustaining, but more because it’s a fun […]

Linux steam fatal error

This weekend I made some time to install some new components into my computer. After running memtest (and succeeding), it was time to boot. Booting into Ubuntu was no problem at all! There was just one problem that I had anticipated: The computer was used to a Nvidia card, and my new one was a […]

Try steam on linux

Last Thursday Valve released steam for Linux, which is great news! Since then I’ve been waiting for a chance to try Steam on Linux. My desktop computer however, was not cooperating. It turned out my power supply unit was broken. Since last Monday I have a new PSU, so I was able to try it […]

London in winter time

Around New Year’s Eve I was visiting London with my girlfriend. The city is tons of fun, and has a lot history. We booked an early flight to Heathrow. Once we got our bags (which was really fast) we took the Picadilly line to Russel Square, where our hotel was at. It felt safer in the […]

Autumn has arrived

The difference a little bit of wind can make in a week’s worth of autumn time. Of course, a lot of that landing in my garden 😉

The marathon of Amsterdam

The 21st of October was circled in my agenda for some time, the day I’d attempt to run the half marathon of Amsterdam! The preparation Training had begun about half April, with the aim of running the 10 kilometres at the marathon of Hoorn, which I ran in just under 51 minutes. After that I […]

Visiting the statenlogement

Last Saturday I was supposed to rest in order to walk the half marathon of Amsterdam that Sunday. So I sat down, read the newspaper and found out that the statenlogement was opened that day for being the national monument of the month. Some history is probably obligatory: It’s a building in the middle of […]

Hello world

There have been a lot of hello worlds in my life, but this is the first one I’m writing on a blog. The idea of blogging has been in my mind for some time now, so tonight I went ahead and set it all up. Since this is a personal blog, I guess a short introduction […]