Scrum deadlines, do they exist?

Interviewing a potential new colleague is always an interesting event. Sometimes you get unexpected answers to your questions. A couple of weeks ago I was interviewing a¬†promising candidate. The interviewee was describing how a transition to Scrum had improved performance. The following question popped into my head: “What does Scrum mean, according to you?”. This […]

Handling scope changes during a sprint

Every good product owner has a clear vision. He’s bursting with ideas of what to do next. The main tool he has for this is his product backlog: a prioritized list of all those ideas. At the start of each sprint the most important ideas are chosen to be implemented. But what if, halfway down […]

Vacation user story, useful for sprint planning

While researching for a future blog post, I came across this nice quote that I felt like sharing. When you start a sprint, it’s very likely that one or more team members will be on holidays for part of it. How can you still reliably plan a sprint in those circumstances? Consider creating a vacation […]

Agile event 7 at Arrows Group

Yesterday I was invited with a colleague to join the Agile event 7 at the Arrows Group. The speakers were very interesting, Maarten Hoppen and Jeff Sutherland. Jeff Sutherland is one of the inventors of scrum, so I was eager to go. For the people that think he’s that means he’s the inventor of this… […]

Introducing js scrumboard

js scrumboard¬†allows you to make a task list and print it out on a sheet of paper. This post is it’s first introduction. It’s open sourced, you can find it on GitHub. The name makes it clear it’s written in JavaScript I guess ;-). Anyway, lets start with a screenshot! A scrum board is usually […]