PHP ecosystem evolving

A lot of nice stuff is happening in the PHP ecosystem right now. In this case I’m not talking about the PHP 5.5 RC3 that was released lately, since that will take a bit more time to be released, let alone be available for the world to use. I’m talking about the Symfony 2.3 release, […]

Merging arrays in PHP

A short story about merging arrays in PHP. When merging two arrays you’ll probably look at array_merge first. These two sentences in the docs say the following: If the input arrays have the same string keys, then the later value for that key will overwrite the previous one. Values in the input array with numeric […]

Composer API limit at GitHub

When using Composer for your dependency management, and getting some of those dependencies from GitHub, there is a risk that you run out of Composer API limit at GitHub. Since 14 Oktober 2012 GitHub limits unauthenticated requests. By default Composer does not use authentication, and if you exceed this limit you will be blocked for […]

PHP internals at a high level

Conceptually there are a lot of differences between running a program and writing a web application through PHP. This usually comes up when a programmer has to write their first ajax request. So, lets see how stuff works on the background. A short, high level, tour through PHP internals. How does the web work? Obviously […]

Technical solution to a social problem

Going to PHPBenelux¬†was a lot of fun. I will remember one of the questions at Ben Straub’s presentation. The question was “What if a maintainer of a project suddenly quits?”, and the answer was “We don’t have a technical solution to this social problem yet”. By now we’ve made our own technical solution to a […]

PHPBenelux 2013

Last weekend I went to PHPBenelux with three colleagues. It’s a conference just outside of Antwerp of two days, Friday and Saturday. The first half of the Friday was filled with tutorials for some of the attendees, but we only visited the talks. Despite of not seeing the tutorials, I still left my house at […]

Symfony 2 schedule

After I got back from my holiday in London, I was¬†catching up on my RSS feeds. I was happy to see that Fabien has posted an update for the Symfony 2 schedule. At my work, we’re looking for a bit of stability, so having a schema and predictability is good news. In this Symfony 2 […]

Migrating from Prototype to jQuery

When it comes to javascript, there is one discussion that is very old: to use jQuery or to use prototype? Opponents of jQuery will tell you that it’s really weird that jQuery has a function called inArray, that instead of a boolean value returns the index where the element was found, and -1 if it’s […]

To rewrite or to refactor?

There once existed a application that was written in PHP before there were any decent frameworks available. For the backend of it (a large batch job) there was a decent architecture, but a horrible implementation. For the web interface, there was only the horrible implementation part. Since there were some open feature requests for the […]

The transition to a dynamically typed language

The first thing I have to say, is that I love dynamically typed languages. They make it easy to play around with code, and are very productive in many ways. When a programmer that is used to programming in C/C++/Java/C# makes the switch to a scripting language, there is something weird that happens though. For […]