Handling scope changes during a sprint

Every good product owner has a clear vision. He’s bursting with ideas of what to do next. The main tool he has for this is his product backlog: a prioritized list of all those ideas. At the start of each sprint the most important ideas are chosen to be implemented. But what if, halfway down […]

Vacation user story, useful for sprint planning

While researching for a future blog post, I came across this nice quote that I felt like sharing. When you start a sprint, it’s very likely that one or more team members will be on holidays for part of it. How can you still reliably plan a sprint in those circumstances? Consider creating a vacation […]

Symfony 2 schedule

After I got back from my holiday in London, I was catching up on my RSS feeds. I was happy to see that Fabien has posted an update for the Symfony 2 schedule. At my work, we’re looking for a bit of stability, so having a schema and predictability is good news. In this Symfony 2 […]